CHILLI & GARLIC EXTRAVAGANZA – 3 Sauces – Daddy Cool, Upton Cheyney, Hot Pods

Matt Hot Vids Comments

Recorded just before Christmas 2017, I was joined by the man himself – Marc Mc – for a garlic themed tasting video. 3 fantastic garlicky chilli products from 3 fantastic hot sauce producers:-

  1. Garlic & Papaya Pickle from Daddy Cool’s Chilli Sauce –
  2. Roast Garlic & Ginger Chilli Sauce from The Upton Cheyney Chilli Company –
  3. Night Tonic Garlic Hot Sauce from Hot Pods Chilli Products –

Why not give them a try yourself. Unless, of course, if you’re a vampire. A proper vampire that is and not someone doing a bad impression of a vampire. That would be silly.