I ATE 10 CAROLINA REAPERS LIVE on YouTube & left the stream on!

Matt Challenge Vids Comments

This is the moment I ate 10 CAROLINA REAPER PEPPERS – The World’s HOTTEST Chillies – LIVE on YouTube to raise money towards my Aunt Kathryn’s Stem Cell Treatment. Watch the FULL stream HERE.

Kathryn has been suffering from MS for the past 10 years, is confined to a wheelchair and has difficulty breathing. This treatment is probably her last chance at halting the progress of the disease and it may even reverse some of the symptoms.

You can help by donating at justgiving.com/ crowdfunding/kathrynhughesms

I’m joined by my cousin Joe (Kathryn’s son) who set up the Just Giving campaign – and Marc who thought it would be fun to play a prank on me after I terminated the live stream. Due to a bug in YouTube’s software (they emailed me later to tell me about it), the live stream continued for several minutes even after it was switched off…

Watch & enjoy! 🙂