LIVE STREAM – Eating CAROLINA REAPERS for my Aunt’s MS treatment!

Matt Challenge Vids Comments

I was going to eat 5 Carolina Reaper Peppers LIVE for your amusement in aid of my Aunt Kathryn’s MS Stem Cell treatment. But instead I ate 10 – jump to 18:50 for the Reaper chomping action.

Here’s the link for the Just Giving campaign crowdfunding/kathrynhughesms

I was joined by Malmesbury boxing legend Joe Hughes – my cousin & Kathryn’s son – who set up the campaign and Marc Mc joined me too.

A big shout out to the following UK Chilli Companies who donated goodies to the recent Hot Sauce Auction:-

Oh, and yeah, for some reason the stream kept going for a further 10 mins even after I thought I’d switched it off… D’oh!