TRAILER PARK BOYS Deeecent Hot Sauce from Coney Island Saucery

Matt Mild & Medium Vids Comments

A big thank you to Aaron from Coney Island Saucery for sending me a bottle of their Trailer Park Boys Deeecent Hot Sauce to try out.

If you didn’t know, Trailer Park Boys is a Canadian mockumentary TV series currently showing on Netflix & Deeecent Hot Sauce is the sauce for the show. It’s Louisiana style, garlic forward with a silky texture and a 4/20 level of heat. Made with fresh all natural ingredients by hot sauce fans for hot sauce fans.

I thought I’d try some on a BBQ’d steak on a nice sunny day with with a mate of mine. He can’t be identified for security reasons – all will become clear. Oh yeah, and watch out for the Shit Hawks!